Attention please!

Terms of Refund and Exchange

The terms of any changes in the documents (electronic tickets) registered for the trip incl. their refund and exchange are subject to the fare application rules for the specified service, contract offer for air transportation concluded with the Airline, the Air Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and other regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and can suppose any penal sanctions for the Customer

Any Customer con read the fare application rules within the reservation process dialogue.

The Operator has a right to charge any additional service fees, such as for reservation services and electronic tickets, and for exchange or refund of the ticket previously registered. The Service fee of the Agency is included into the order price, and in case of the ticket refund or exchange isn’t repaid.

In case of necessity to repay the service purchased, the company initializes the repayment process after coordination with the Customer. After initialization, the refund process can last till 2-4 weeks according to the payment system rules.  

When you refund the ticket, according to the circumstances induced you to refund it, such refund is considered

  • as involuntary;
  • as voluntary.


Tickets under minimum fares available for passengers both in agencies’ booking offices and at the Airline’s website can be forbidden for voluntary refund and/or voluntary exchange. It is necessary to read the terms of fare application in advance.

Important information about not refunded fares:

  • Tickets purchased under minimum fares can contain non-refundability conditions or be non-refundable.

Refund is considered to be involuntary in the following cases:

  • Cancel or delay of the flight specified in the ticket;
  • Changes of the route by the Airline;
  • Operation of the fight not according to the timetable;
  • Return of the aircraft performing the flight according to the timetable to the departure airport;
  • Sudden sickness of a passenger or member of his family or an immediate relative who accompanies him/her in the aircraft (married couples, parents, children (including adopted children, grandparents and grandkids among immediate relatives), under the transport documents, this fact shall be confirmed with medical papers, or due to death of a family member or an immediate relatives confirmed with documents upon notice of the operator prior beginning of the flight of the passengers specified in the ticket.

Involuntary refund according to medical indications.

For the purposes of refund under medical indications one of the following documents can confirm involuntary refund of the passenger: 

  • original copy of a certificate of a medical establishment; 
  • original copy of a certificate of the airport medical office (the airport’s paper); 
  • copy of a sick leave certificate.
  • original copy of a case record; 
  • original copy of a hospital discharge summary; 
  • original copy of an extract of the ambulance copy register.

Requirements to execution of medical documents.

For the original copy of a certificate of a medical establishment: 

  1. Availability of the stamp with a readable print of the actual establishment’s data (stamp “For Certificates”); 
  2. Availability of the stamp of the institution issued a medical document with a full name of the medical organization in the print; 
  3. Clearly readable title and surname of the person issued the document; 
  4. Availability of the signature of the person issued the document; 
  5. Availability of the issue date of the medical document; 
  6. Correspondence of the health problems dates specified in the medical document to the transportation dates. In cases of non-correspondence, the certificate should state "it is not advisable to have a flight within the specified dates". 
  7. Availability of the diagnosis in the document that can contain the name of the health problem/injury or can be specified as a disease (the last one is desirable, but not binding). It is not necessary to indicate the disease in the sick leave certificate. 
  8. Availability of doctor's private seal (or seal of a consulting or main physician) in the document.

For the original copy of a certificate of the airport medical office: 

  1. Availability of the name of a health center issued the document, in the medical document; 
  1. Availability of a stamp of the health center; 
  2. Clearly readable title and surname of the person issued the document; 
  3. Availability of the signature of the person issued the document; 
  4. Availability of the issue date of the medical document; 
  5. Correspondence of the dates of the health problems specified in the medical document to the transportation dates.

Widespread mistakes during reservation

The Airline recommends to examine closely the itinerary receipt in order to check the correspondence to the data specified in the passenger’s identity document.

It is important that the following information should be specified in the airline ticket correctly:

  • surname and name in the correct order (for example Ivanov Ivan); first letters of the name and surname;
  • passport number or the number of any other document identifying the passenger;

Pay particular attention!

  • In case when you changed your surname after the ticket issuance (because of marriage, divorce, etc.), it is necessary to refund the ticket or buy another ticket with your latest passport details.
  • The ticket cannot be reregistered to other passenger!

Repayment of the Money

The money is repaid upon a written application about repayment filled by a private person.

The amount to be repaid is calculated in accordance with the fare application conditions effective as of the date and time

In case of involuntary refund all the money paid shall be repaid to the passenger regardless of the fare selected. 

It is important:  fees of the payment systems charged during the payment of the order are not subject to be repaid. 

Ticket Exchange

If there is a necessity to exchange the tickets (change of the trip dates) you should previously contact our managers to find out the information about availability of seats in flights on the dates required for you, the size of deductions and fines of the operator, and the methods of additional payments for exchange of tickets.

You can find detailed information about procedures of refund or exchange of tickets from our managers by phones: 8 (727) 35-45-000, 8 (727) 395-82-42. We kindly ask you to send your mails for the services needed to e-mail: