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Fokker-100 is middle range passenger aircraft designed by the Dutch company Fokker based on passenger aircraft F-28-4000.

History of "100" model development comes from the late 1983, when company evaluated the market needs and finalized the necessity to design the aircraft for  100 seats with flight range of 3,100 kilometers. The company targeted to achieve significant reduction in fuel consumption compared to similar boards. Finally  good Fokker-100 was developed, it was certified first in Holland and then in the USA in 1989, and flights were started in 1986. It is notably to note that Fokker-100 "blocked the road" for new Boeing 737-250 for 100-seats, that ios in terms of its capacity was supposed to take the market place between 737-100 and 737-200 aircrafts. But "Boeing" company has taken decision to cease development of this model, caused by the choice of American Pacific Southwest airlines and USAir in favor of Fokker-100.