Medical equipment

If you wish to take your own medical equipment, please inform us during booking the tickets. Technical and/or medical clearance is required to carry certain devices. Information about medical equipment frequently used in our flights is provided below.

Personal wheelchair

You may take your own shear-jointed wheelchair. Please inform us its dimensions, weight and type in advance.

You should drive your own wheelchair (without battery) to the exit. Our staff will help you to board and store your wheelchair.

We will return your wheelchair while landing, if possible. Otherwise, destination airport will provide a wheelchair for you to be able to get the baggage claim area.

It is forbidden to use electric wheelchair after check-in. Substitute wheelchair will be provided and our staff will take you to the exit area.

The wheelchair is transported in the baggage compartment free of charge.

Note: For security reasons, the following rules are applicable to electric wheelchairs. Battery shall be securely fastened to the wheelchair before check in. Battery terminals shall be insulated to protect of accidental short circuit.


Despite the security rules applicable for carry-on baggage necessary medication in liquid form, e.g. medicine for diabetics may be taken on board the.

Dose required for the flight only and not more may be taken on board.

Depending on situation medical certificate in Russian may be useful.

Syringes for medical use

It is recommended to have in hand medical certificate compliant to applicable safety regulations.

Expectant mothers whose pregnancy proceeded without any complications may travel with BEK AIR till the 36th week of pregnancy; therefore flights shall be stopped four weeks before expected date of delivery. If multiple births are expected and pregnancy proceeds without any complications, pregnant woman may travel with BEK AIR till the 32nd week of pregnancy.

Although it is not mandatory requirement but we recommend expectant mothers with pregnancy of over 28 weeks to provide doctor’s reference proving the pregnancy proceeding without any complications indicating expected date of delivery. Physician shall also indicate that flights are not contraindicated for the patient.

Pregnant women also have greater risk of deep vein thrombosis development throughout the entire pregnancy. Therefore, it is recommended for pregnant women to wear compression stockings and drink plenty of fluids during the flight. It would be better to discuss future travel in advance with your gynecologist in order to avoid additional risk.

If You are not sure whether You can travel by air in Your particular situation, contact medical service of departure airport directly.

There are some things you don't wish to leave during the flight. Feel free to take them. But keep in mind that certain items are prohibited and liquids are restricted.

Rules concerning carry-on baggage

Place for carry-on baggage is restricted in the cabin. Carry-on baggage shall be stored in the overhead locker or under the seat in front of you. In order to ensure safe and comfortable journey, maximum size and weight of carry-on baggage shall be observed. 














1 piece

1 piece

1 piece

1 piece

1 piece

5 kg

5 kg

6 kg

7 kg

8 kg

10 kg

Max size 55 x 40 x 23 сm (three dimensions in total shall not exceed 115 cm)

Folding garment bag of size not exceeding 57 x 54 x 15 cm is also considered as carry-on baggage. Baggage exceeding the dimensions specified in the table shall be check-in.

Other items permitted

In addition to carry-on baggage permitted adults and children occupying the separate seat may take following items on board:

  • Handbag, laptop case or shoulder bag of size not exceeding 40 x 30 x 10 cm
  • One pair of crutches, splint for arm or leg, other prostheses
  • Medical equipment

Haste to the departure gate can be avoided

We wish you breathtaking views of the clouds but not from haste on ground. Not to hurry you may find out the information about the exact check-in timing to your flight.

 Check-in the day before departure

Check-in the night before departure. Because of this You will arrive to the airport on day of departure without baggage and time pressure, feeling relaxed and with your boarding pass already. This service is available for all the flights operated by BEK AIR.

Check-in terms at the desk

Check-in desks for all BEK AIR flights are open 1 hour 40 minutes and closed 40 minutes before departure. In order to check-in and board timely avoiding any stress, consider the time of desk opening.

Herewith please find check-in terms for all flights of BEK AIR in Kazakhstan:

  • Registration opens 1 hour and 40 minutes prior to departure time.
  • Check-in closes 40 minutes before departure time.

Flight is restricted for divers for 24 hours after diving. If there are health problem after lifting it is necessary to consult the doctor.

Physical conditions. Flight is forbidden in case of following diseases:

  • Heavy cold or high temperature
  • Severe heart or lungs diseases: dyspnoea, recent heart attack, unstable angina, unstable cardiac failure or pneumothorax;
  • Recent stroke
  • Severe anemia
  • Infectious diseases, e.g. water-pox
  • Recent surgery, especially in abdomen and chest
  • Severe mental disorders

Disease or surgery. Is it allowed to travel in sick condition, or after surgery?

People not recovered from illness or recently had surgery shall take special care while planning the trip. Travel might be quite stressful, so it would be better to postpone the flight if you are not well.

Study the information when flights are prohibited. Moreover, it is strongly recommended to consult your doctor concerning the flight planned and check whether your physical condition is well enough to travel by air.

Prohibited or restricted

Certain items and substances may endanger the passengers. Therefore, their transportation in hand or checked baggage is strictly forbidden or permitted with certain restrictions.

Items restricted for transportation

Certain items are permitted to transport in the aircraft only in restricted quantity. Amount or quantity of these items is precisely defined. In case of admissible norms exceeded transportation is prohibited.

Medical thermometer

1pcs. per passenger

Medical supplies (including aerosols)

Quantity required for the flight


Permitted only in carry-on baggage (prohibited to use on board)

Lighter/match box

1 pcs per passenger carried –on

Household electronic devices with lithium ion charges or batteries

(maximum capacity of 100 Wh)

Carry-on baggage only

Spare batteries for mobile electronic devices / charges (extra batteries)

Spare batteries are permitted in hand baggage only.

Batteries of 100 Wh to 160 Wh capacity, maximum 2 pieces upon prior notice. Transportation of batteries over 160 Wh is prohibited  

Carbonic ice

2.5 kg per passenger maximum upon preliminary check-in

Cylinder with medical oxygen

Cylinder weighing less than 5 kg might be transported in checked baggage only upon preliminary check-in

Wheelchairs battery powered and assistive devices for use on board

Protected/not protected from the acid or Li-ion charges leaks upon preliminary check-in

Mobile oxygen concentrators, other electronic medical equipment for use on board

Mobile oxygen concentrators, other electronic medical equipment for use on Board                                        Upon preliminary check-in

Heat-emitting items (lamps for underwater swimming and diving battery-powered, soldering irons)

Permitted in carry-on baggage only upon preliminary check-in

Heat seal packaging containing chilled liquid nitrogen

Upon preliminary check-in

Baggage allowance may be easily adapted to Your needs on our domestic flights. Select economy class fares between XXS our most profitable fare with baggage allowance of 10 kg, and tariffs XS, S, M, L, XL where baggage allowance is higher per piece.

All the things not placed in carry-on baggage may be checked in the baggage. Checked baggage allowance is accurately determined per number of pieces and weight. It varies depending on booked service class and fare option.













piece 10 kg

1 piece 15 kg

1 piece 23 kg

1 piece 25 kg

1 piece 28 kg

1 piece 32 kg

The max. size 55 x 40 x 23 см (less that 115 cm in total three dimenstions)

If total weight of passenger baggage, including carry-on baggage, does not exceed 10 kg, number of checked-in baggage pieces is not limited.

  • One piece of baggage shall not exceed a total size (width + height + depth) of 158 cm. If the baggage exceeds the permitted weight or dimensions, it shall be transported for excess baggage charge.
  • Number of free checked baggage pieces is specified as 1PC/2PC/3PC in the ticket/passenger receipt.
  • Specified free checked baggage allowance are applicable for the entire route in each direction from the baggage check-in point to destination point or to the first stop on the route for more than 24 hours, provided that all the flights are carried by BEK AIR.

Just a few clicks and boarding pass is in your hands

You may check-in easily and conveniently using your personal computer, plot or Smartphone using website www.bekair.aero or BEK AIR enclosure. No matter whether you are at home or out and travelling with or without baggage. Online check-in is open 24 hours prior to departure.

Your benefits

  • Open 24 hours and close 2 hours prior to departure
  • You may select and reserve your seat
  • With carry-on baggage go straight to boarding gate
  • Convenient and comfortable
  • You may print your boarding pass yourself

Technical requirements

Deactivate pop-up blocker. SSL, cookies and JavaScript shall be active. It corresponds to ordinary default settings. Activate the settings if you changed them. If you wish to print your boarding pass, you need current version of PDF reader.

How it works

Here you may check-in quickly and without queues. Online check-in will help you to get your boarding pass just in few steps.

Step 1

Enter the system on website www.bekair.aero using your name and booking number or e-ticket number or your profile. Then select “Online check-in” function in details of booking information.

Step 2

Select the seat

Step 3

Enter passport data

Step 5

Send boarding pass to e-mail or print

Step 6

Check in your baggage at the separate counter prior to departure

Problems with baggage

Delay, loss or damage

Report the baggage damage or loss as fast as possible upon arrival. We will help you quickly and unbureaucratically, where ever you have been.

Baggage delay or loss

Baggage delay

Sometimes baggage could not be found upon arrival. In the vast majority of cases, baggage missing is found and delivered to the owner within 24 hours. Help us to search your baggage following present rules.

Immediately report about the loss

If you found any baggage lost immediately report it to lost and found office. As a rule it is located close to baggage conveyors, in the airports of arrival. Keep your baggage receipt ready that you received during check-in. The more precisely you describe the missing bag, the more successful will be the search.

Baggage tracing office will provide you with an application form on baggage lost. Based on reference number specified in this document, you are able to track your baggage status using the Baggage search control option.

Baggage has not arrived yet

During the first 5 days airport is responsible for baggage search where the loss was reported; all your questions are also to be answered by it.

If your baggage is not found within 3 days more detailed description of its appearance and content is required. Therefore fill in the form at the ticket office of BEK AIR not later than 5 days after Baggage lost application submitted.

Items left on board

Any items found on board of BEK AIR aircraft are sent to the arrival airport’s lost and found office and kept there for 3 months maximum. In such cases, please contact the lost and found office directly.