Рouch transmitted via flight captain


Due to the airmail advantages, so called flying envelope is often used by large business entities and government organizations. It is an excellent method to deliver mail to the partners avoiding wastes, spoil and detentions of important business papers influencing large profits. In order your urgent correspondence achieves the receiver for sure, use the BEK AIR Airline’s services. BEK AIR Airline provides services of “hand-to-hand mail delivery” along the flight network across Kazakhstan.

Mail is received every day during working hours from 09:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., without pauses and days-off.

Mail not above 1000 g and with maximum size up to A4 are taken for delivery.

You can find additional information on receipt and delivery of the hand-to-hand mail by phones:

telephone: +7 (727) 395 99 11, mobile phone+ 7 701 733 45 76 (WhatsApp)

The Airline disclaims any liability:

  • in case of force majeure
  • if the damage was incurred through the fault or negligence of a sender or due to enclosure properties
  • in case of any prohibited shipments
  • if a sender has submitted no claims within one month from the date following the date of delivery of hand-to-hand mail to be transported
  • if any signs of deceitful practices to receive any compensation are in sender’s actions


Enclosures prohibited for transportation

When sending hand-to-hand mail, it is necessary to know that there is a number of documents governing the restriction or prohibition to transport some items and substances by mail. They include national legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, ICAO regulatory documents, the agreement “On the Procedure of Inner-Union Mailing in the Territory of the Customs Union” and “List of Items Prohibited or Conditionally Permitted for Entry to Foreign Countries”, and restrictions listed in “Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air” by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). According to the technical instructions, any substance provided for transportation that may explode, undergo dangerous reactions, get inflamed or emit dangerous amounts of heat or toxic, corrosive or highly flammable gases or fumes under normal conditions that occur in the course of transportation shall not be transported by aircraft under any circumstances.

It is also prohibited to send the following items and substances:

  • Items of indecent or immoral nature;
  • Counterfeit and pirate items;
  • Items that, due to their properties or package, may pose threat, contaminate or cause deterioration of any equipment or property of a third party;
  • Cash and foreign currency;
  • Identity papers, documents for movable and immovable property, diplomas, and certificates;
  • Explosive and flammable substances, explosive devices, and explosive items;
  • Narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, and their precursors;
  • Printed and audiovisual materials:
    • that contain calls for extremist and terrorist activities or public justification of terrorism;
    • with sexual content;
    • manufactured or distributed with violation of legislation of the members of the Customs Union and Eurasian Economic Community on voting and referendums;
    • aimed at propaganda of Nazi attributes or symbols, or symbols and attributes comparably similar to the Nazi ones;

containing any other information that may harm political or economic interests of the Republic of Kazakhstan, its state security, the health and morality of its citizens.