"Standby" ticket

Bek Air Airlines increases a number of directions with the “Standby” ticket. Since February 2, this list includes a regular all airline routes.

The cost of tickets with the “Standby” ticket is much lower than the cost of regular airline rates published. This type of the rates provides a transportation of passengers and baggage, subject to availability of any free seats on board prior to the flight.

Passengers with “Standby” tickets may be checked in only after the checking-in of the passengers with a confirmed status and the waitlist status in case of any free seats available in the economic class cabin.

Passengers should arrive to the airport prior to the end of the check-in and contact the airline representative or a check-in counter.

You can pay the "Standby" ticket by cash or a credit card.

The Standby flight ticket can be bought not less than 24 hours before the flight departure at sales offices of Bek Air Airlines or of its authorized agent.

In case a passenger did not depart with the flight and on the date specified in the ticket, the departure date can be changed into a later one without any additional co-payments within one month from the date of departure.